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First time: Hans and Elsa by PrincessOfCorona
First time: Hans and Elsa
Her lips never left his as his hand stroked down her arm to her rib cage, then upward, cupping her breasts, feeling them rise up proudly against his palm. He kissed her temple, her eyes, her cheek, then he nuzzled her neck, she chuckled with throaty delight and desire as he touched his tongue to her sensitive ear and she pressed her body close to his. His tongue plunged into her ear as she moaned with sweet desire, her nails biting into his arms.

They only surfaced for air and smiled at each other guiltily. "I can't believe it." Hans whispered as he undid Elsa's corset, pulling it down to her waist, "We are almost married for a year, but it is our first time."

"Sorry for the inconvenience." Elsa smiled, her fingers playing with the buttons of his shirt. She undid them quickly, placing her small hand over his heart. The heart, she froze it once. She felt it racing under her palm when she kissed his chest, tearing a sobbing moan from his throat.

"You're very good for a beginner." Hans smirked, "Where have you learned it?"

"I read that…I mean…the…book…Kamsutra..." Elsa blushed furiously.

"Really." Hans threw his head back in laughter as he kissed her again, "Pretty scandalous for a woman to read books like that."

"I was just curious." Elsa admitted shyly.

Now Hans could not hold himself back from admiring her innocence, "My queen, I'm insane about you." He drew her close, right in his arms.

She felt his lips sliding along the curve of her neck, and Elsa's back arched with pleasure. Then when he moved lower, kissing her breasts, slowly drawing her hardened nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue against it, Elsa wanted to die. Her hands tangled in the hair at his nape, holding him closer to her breast, and when he sucked on her nipple, she gasped with pleasure, her whole body twisting against his. He trailed kisses along her flat stomach, his hands gliding ceaselessly up and down her sides and breasts and hips, and then he finally lifted his head.

It was nothing like the books. It was something else...something more...


I want these two making love. I love them. I am depressed recently, so I need a bit helsa to cheer myself up.

comments will be awesome.
Eros and Psyche: Disney style by PrincessOfCorona
Eros and Psyche: Disney style
My favorite greek mythology yet unspoiled by Disney.
In this story, with same name, Psyche is a beautiful princess, who was compared to goddess of love Aphrodite. So Aphrodite got jealous and sent her son Eros (Cupid) to make her fall in love with the most vile man in the world. But when Eros saw Psyche he falls in love with her instead, forces Apollo to make a false prophecy, so that he takes her to his own palace. He provided her with invisible servants and all kinds of luxury. He visits her at dark and says if she ever sees his face, their marriage will fall apart. But one night Psyche got curious and sees Eros' face when he was sleeping. Eros got angry and abandoned her. Psyche understands her mistake and searches for Eros, and makes deal with Aphrodite about four quest. Eros, who was also suffering helps her through the quests. But during the last quest, Psyche almost died, and Eros finally flew to her side and kissed her to life.

It is so cute story, I badly want Disney to turn it into a movie someday. So I want to depict them in disney's style. Here Eros meets Psyche invisibly and spends a lot of time together until his mother, Aphrodite intervened.

Comments will be very much appreciated.
Expecting: Hans and Elsa by PrincessOfCorona
Expecting: Hans and Elsa
After a long tiring day, King Hans of Arendelle could finally meet his wife. Queen Elsa, now seven months pregnant with their first child, could not attend all the royal duty like she used to do. After having two miscarriages before, this pregnancy has been much rough for her. When he finally entered their bedroom, Hans finally found his wife a little distressed.

"What's wrong, my snowflake?" He asked kissing her forehead. Recently she had breathing problems, the baby was growing so fast.

"II don't know." Elsa shook her head miserably, "But recently something is bothering me." She leaned her forehead against her husband, "What if I lose this baby too? What if it has snow powers like me?"

Hans smiled. Gently he took her hand, and led her to their balcony, where gentle autumn breeze soothed his wife a bit. "I will love what ever we make together, Elsa. I love you and out child. Always."

Pregnant Helsa is up most favorite OTP. I like them dressed like Elsa's parents.  Background by :iconklarakay:

Love to hear your comments. So drop your thoughts before you leave.
For the first time forever:  Elsa And Hans by PrincessOfCorona
For the first time forever: Elsa And Hans
Elsa and Hans celebrating the birth of their first child. It is Helsa week on tumblr and I feel to contribute something. Done very hastily and roughly, used eilka93's Hans as his face reference. The colors are messed up a few areas because I used wrong filters several areas. But currently my life is in a mess, so I need something to cheer myself up.

Love to hear what do you think.

Edit: Their baby has snow powers. I have just added her creating a tiny snowflake.


River Trust
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

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:icon1stbutterflykiss: I'm here from Bangladesh. It's me in the picture. I made it myself. :icon1stbutterflykiss:

:iconyaayplz: My Personal Quote: Aim higher because the sky is the limit.

By profession, I'm a doctor.

But inside, I'm a writer who loves to write poems to pass time & cherishes the wild dream to be published someday. Yes, I'm a emotional romantic poet.

I'm an artist too. I've no institutional education on art. But I mainly do pencil sketch & use water color or pencil color media . Recently I'm learning to draw with digital media. I mainly do fanarts.


:rofl: If you want to read any of my literary works, then click below-:rofl:


Fanfictions-… :iconpinklilyplz:

:iconpinklilyplz: Original writings-… :iconpinklilyplz:


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After 3 years of being in DA, I'm finally going to celebrate 100 watchers, It is a big honor for an armature like me. 


Thanks to all the people watching me, faving my works, and commenting on them. Your support is my greatest inspiration. I'm still here because of you guys. You are wonderful! I'm so grateful.

Love you all!

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